About Me 2018

I am a sister

A good one, I hope

One who always does her best to be on your side, despite differences


I am a daughter

One who will always love her parents equally

No matter how old she gets

I am a friend

Who will stick by their side and help as must as she can

Ignoring her own problems

I am an outsider


Looking at the world through an old film reel

That has been jammed many times and burnt around the edges

I am alone

Not literally but my heart is


For no one truly understands who I am

I am a walking contradiction

My appearance and personality do not match

And I physically embody everything 


Our parents are afraid of us becoming

I am a tomboy

Who likes to dress up once and a while

I am Gothic

But mint and Lilac are my favourite colours

I am hostile

I am pessimistic


I am a human

And I am an enigma


Hello, my name is Emily and this is my blog. I’m not great at describing myself but I will try. My style of writing is kind of odd because I use a rather poetic voice even in critical or non-fiction writing. I find that I can explain myself better in metaphors even if I am very blunt in real life. This blog is going to contain a lot of the things that pop into my brain and they may not make sense at times but just work with me here it made sense at the time. I enjoy paradoxical stories and causing existential crises’.  I like musicals and art so I guess I’m pretty creative. I took my first Creative Writing class in grade ten to improve my work but ended up really enjoying to freedom I was given to pretty much write whatever the heck I wanted so I wrote as dark as I could. I still write dark but I want to develop a style where the horror is a bit more subtle and everything may seem fine but something is obviously just off or it is literally just terrifying but it is treated like it is completely fine.

Image reference: Rubella says ICU. (2012). [image] Available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/benchilada/7014558701/in/photolist-qfh4Pt-dFDAGC-rdrrTr-pTBcwj-9jeZfY-bFRrVg-d8mMwG-byGiA8-epSALo-8jBocK-kjqhf2-3K9FUz-jDceaJ-8jEA9U-dwQAh9-96UUG4-bYgLSL-axkkiy-fVfrjo-7S7rw3-b3Q7s8-b3Q8BH-axeWFW-fc3wP2-4NVdmX-kKVLJY-6pcNeB-ojXpTH-Fufmd-bqiCAV-mdebrY-jTXBuv-eVS6ue-nL2ak4-6Dz5Bf-4zHQGP-gEsurH-pBKBv6-8RYgiy-7xJHq2-67N1a-bVqj5e-8PX98X-2qeTKX [Accessed 1 Mar. 2018]. 

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